Jökull - 01.12.1952, Blaðsíða 11

Jökull - 01.12.1952, Blaðsíða 11
SUMMARY: DOIJBLE LATERAL MORAINES IN THE KANGERDLUGSSUAK REGION During a flight along the fjord Kangerdlugs- suak in E-Greenland on June 25th 1950 the author observed that many of the glaciers in this area had receded from tioo well-marked moraine systems of different ages, the outer- rnost of which seem to mark the maximum pos- ition of these glaciers in postglacial time. Especially regular were the double lateral mor- aines along the Kangerdlugssuak glacier (cf. Fig) In North East Greenland there have also been two main stages of recession, as poin- ted out by Ahlmann and so is the case with the glaciers on Jan Mayen according to J. N. Jennings. In his paper: Present Glacier Shrink- age (1940) the present writer points out the synchronism of glacier oscillations round the Northern Atlantic and attributes the outer- most moraines in NE-Greetiland and Jan Mayen to a „Hochstand“ about the middle of the eighteenth century and the younger moraines to the middle or latter half of the 19th century. Most likely the moraines in the Kangerdlugs- suak region are contemporary with those in NE-Greenland. A study of the vegetation on these moraines and on the area outside them, especially the study of lichens, might be able to fix more exactly the age of the moraines, and prove the synchronism of moraines at different glaciers. This method has proved successful in Northern Sweden where it has been used by E. Bergström. • Sigurdur Thorarinsson. Útsýn til suðausturs yfir Kangerdlugssuak-jökul og jaðarurðir hans. (I og II). Aerial view towards SE over the Kangerdlugssuak glacier and its double lat- eral moraine (I and II). To the left of the morain- es is an ice dammed lake. Photo. S. Þórarinsson, 25—VI, 1950. 9



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