Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.09.1975, Blaðsíða 59

Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.09.1975, Blaðsíða 59
OCCURRENCE AND INHBRITANCE ’ýf TABLE 1. Wool quality measurements. No.of Fibre diam. Medullated fibres Tan fibres Sheep group animals micron % micron % micron Adult ewes ■ 1) 113 24.9 1.6 56.4 2.1 52.4 One year old ewes . . . ■ 1) 17 27.3 1.0 60.9 1.3 53.1 Adult rams ■ 1) 7 31.0 1.9 78.5 2.8 72.9 One year old rams . . ■ 1) 3 25.7 0.8 56.4 1.8 43.8 Adult rams • 2) 204 30.7 5.8 71.9 0.6 97.4 1) T-welve months growth of wool. Samples taken in spring. overestimated. 2) Six months growth of wool. Samples taken in autumn. Percentage of tan fibres most likely Scoring for tan colour of lambs at birth, fleece classification at shearing and classifi- cation of lamb pelts on live lambs at weaning have been carried out since 1963 at the Ex- perimental Farm Reykhólar, and since 1965 at the Experimental Farm Skriduklausmr and the Agricultural School Hvanneyri. On the above farms, all lambs are ear- tagged, and record is kept of the parentage of each lamb. On four of the farms, i.e. Hólar, Reykhólar, Skriduklaustur and Hvanneyri, smdies on the inheritance of tan fibres have been carried out, and on the same farms selection against tan fibres has been practiced since the initiation of the classification. A system for converting carcass weight of lambs per ewe into a score has been deve- loped and an index for ewe productivity has also been evaluated (Adalsteinsson, 1971 a). The number of lambs per ewe íambing, the ewe’s score for carcass weight and the ewe’s production index, based on number of lambs at lambing and score for carcass pro- duction, have been used as criteria when jud- ging the effect of tan colour on ewe producti- vity. In order to avoid year affecting the pic- ture, all records have been expressed as devia- tions from each year’s average. RESULTS 1. Wool quality measurements. Table 1 shows the average fibre diameter and percentage of medullated fibres and their diameter and percentage of tan fibres and their diameter. The measurements made in Norway show appreciably higher amount of tan fibres than those made in Iceland. The former vere made on wool samples taken in spring, after a full year’s growth and it is believed that some fibres with damaged surface have mis- takenly been classified as tan fibres. The low average diameter of the fibres in that in- vestigation favours this explanation. In the wool samples from adult rams measured in 1959 (Adalsteinsson, 1961), the diameter of individual tan coloured and medullated fibres was measured. Textfigure 1 gives the frequency distri- bution of the diameter of all measured fibres (left side) and also the percentage of all fibres within each diameter which were either tan-coloured or medullated. The figure shows that medullation and tan colour are absent in fibres below 35 micron, while 50 per cent or more of all fibres above 60
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