Fróðskaparrit - 01.01.1991, Blaðsíða 53

Fróðskaparrit - 01.01.1991, Blaðsíða 53
STUDIES ON THE LONG-FINNED PILOT WHALE 57 the findings for short-finned pilot whales (Kasuya and Matsui, 1984) and sperm "whales (Ralls, Brownell and Ballou, 1980). There was no connection between the ma- ture female/male frequency in relation to either school size or the time of year. But we íhave to keep in mind that some of the sr ischools are only a part of a greater school, for instance Klaksvík, September 4, 1984, jand#i>January J291-Jj^,i\vj!th both schools íng only 4.2% mature males. Fewer ían females in the schools are other- |wisenot surprising in a social animal like the milot whales, for which it was shown that pnore males than females died in the lifespan <_(Fig. 3), despite equality at birth (Table 5). The occurrence of fighting marks in com- 'parison with a closer study of the school structure could be one explanation for the higher natural mortality rate in males than females in the schools. This study has clearly shown what a unique oppurtunity the Faroese whale drive provides to examine entire schools^f^this A small cetacean, making it possil pare agesxhj|s^3exes,^rid, states. It has '™®^'***:*ws>æ— ¦-"»-- -^ -j P^ , . .comprehensive sam Lall animals in.the Acknowledgements I want to thank Rógvi Mouritsen, The Fishery Labora- tory, Tórshavn and the students at the University of the Faroe Islands for practical help in the sampling. My best thanks to J. S. Joensen, Director of the Fish- eries Laboratory, Tórshavn, for allowing me to use the material on pilot whales sampled at the Fisheries Laboratory. Furthermore I also wish to thank J. S. Joensen for encouraging the examinations at all times. For computer help I wish to thank Dr. Bogi Hansen, Árni Nicolajsen and Martin Zachariassen at the Fisher- ies Laboratory, and Petur Zachariassen from the University of the Faroe Islands. Also thanks to M. Clarke, MBA, Plymouth for deter- mination of the squid beaks, and to V. de Buffrenil, Museum of Natural History, Paris, for reading some of the teeth. C. Lockyer very kindly helped me with an attempt to reexamine the age of the whales and took part in the readings of the ovaries, not to mention taking part in our many stimulating discussions. Thanks to Kjartan Hoydal, Director of Fisheries, Faroe Islands and Bertel Møhl, University of Aarhus for commenting on a further edition of this manuscript, to Kate Sandersson for proofreading this edition, and to Marianne Debes Dahl for translating the summary in Faroese. And finally, to Genevieve Desportes, who took part in the sampling in 1984, my greatest thanks for the histological examinations of the testes, and not least for all the discussion and many constructive comments on isample g^ ind mess^ge^h'aT'Beeiv'receivecl? fVloreover, this study draws atten íoi Bthe value of the old Faroese whale statistics^ [which contain a great deal of material about^, tthe composition of the schools and the pat- < tern in the occurrence of the long-finned pi-* lot whale around the Faroe Islands. [Referencc sen, ÁTTJúlshámn, K.,"Ringdal, O. and Mørkøre, 1987. Trace elements intake in the Faroe Islands. |IL*Intake of mercury and other elements by con- sumption of pilot whales (Globicephalus melae- nus). The Sci. of the Total Environment 65: 63-68. ^Andersen, L. W. in print. Further studies on the popu- "lation structure of Giobicephala melas off the Faroe Islands. Rep. int. Whal. Commn (Special Issue 14). Amos, W., Barrett, J. and Dover, G. A. 1991. Breeding system and social structure in the Faroese pilot whale as revealed by DNA fingerprinting. Rep. int. Whal. Commn (Special Issue 13): 255-68.
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