Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 10

Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 10
other alternatives to hydroelectric  power, such as geothermal power. I  believer there is every reason to slow  down, and cool down the economy.”  MP Magnús Hafsteinsson      Independence Party: “It is, and should be, in constant  re-evaluation. It should be re- evaluated, but that does not mean  we should back away from it  – I think we should go forward  with it.”  MP Kjartan Ólafsson Sveinn Birkir Björnsson gives us Grapevine’s Government Guide Grapevine’s Government Guide Who They Are and How They Vote (and how you can watch it) The Leftist-Green Party (Vinstrihreyfingin- Grænt Framboð) Guiding principles: Far-left, pro-environmental, anti-NATO, feminist. Party Chairperson: Steingrímur J. Sigfússon Number of seats: 5 Registered members: about 1,400 Ministers: none Strange but true: The Leftist-Green Party makes all their MPs’ financial  information available through their web page, including stock ownership. Website: E-mail: Phone: 552-8872 Address: Pósthólf 175, 121 Reykjavík The Social Democratic Party (Samfylkingin) Guiding principles: Left-centrist, social-democratic. Party Chairman: Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir Number of seats: 20 Registered members: about 20,000 Ministers: none Strange but true: The party’s women’s movement has a web page with yellow  text on a white background. It’s not as stylish as it sounds, and even less  pragmatic. Website: E-mail: Phone: 414-2200 Address: Hallveigarstígur 1 (2nd Floor), Box 160, 101 Reykjavík The Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkurinn) Guiding principles: Right-centrist; believes in fewer economic and  environmental regulations while strengthening the social system. Party Chairman: Halldór Ásgrímsson Number of seats: 12 Registered members: about 10,000 Ministers: Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson, Minister of Social Affairs  Árni Magnússon, Minister of Agriculture Guðni Ágústsson, Minister of  Health Jón Kristjánsson, Minister of Industry Valgerður Sverrisdóttir Strange but true: According to the latest Gallup poll, The Progressive Party,  from which Prime Minister Ásgrímsson comes, only enjoys the support of  9.4% ot the population. Website: E-mail: Phone: 540-4300 Address: Hverfisgata 33 (2nd Floor), 101 Reykjavík The Liberal Party (Frjálslyndir) Guiding principles: Right-centrist, emphasising the  rights of fishermen and increasing government transparency. Party Chairman: Guðjón Kristjánsson Number of seats: 3 Registered members: about 2,000 Ministers: none Strange but true: According to a survey by Viðskiptablaðið, Liberal Party  MPs have the best web pages of all Icelandic MPs. Website: E-mail: Phone: 552-2600 Address: Aðalstræti 9, 101 Reykjavík The Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn) Guiding principles: Right wing, believes in further privatization in all areas  of society. Party Chairman: Geir H. Haarde Number of seats: 23 Registered members: about 34,000 Ministers: Minister of Finance Árni M. Mathiesen, Minister of Justice  Björn Bjarnason, Minister of Foreign Affairs Geir H. Haarde, Minister of  the Fisheries Einar K. Guðfinnson, Minister of the Environment Sigríður A.  Þórðardóttir, Minister of Communications Sturla Böðvarsson, Minister of  Education Þórgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir Strange but true: Among the party’s goals stated before last parliamentary  elections (2003) was: “to move Iceland from seventh to first place on the  United Nations’ list of countries in the world where it is most desirable to  live.” According to 2005 rankings, Iceland is number seven. Website: E-mail: Phone: 515-1700 Address: Háaleitisbraut 1, 105 Reykjavík Is it time to re-evaluate the government’s plans for heavy industry?      Progressive Party: “Yes, I would say so. Both because  such plans should be in constant  re-evaluation.  Premises change,  attitude towards the environment  and nature change.  But we  also need to make sure that the  plans are economically viable.”  MP Kristinn H. Gunnarsson Liberal Party: “Yes, I think that is obvious. I think  it is time to stop and consider where  we are heading, not least consider  So where do they stand on . . . Leftist-Green Party: “We don’t need to re-evaluate it, we  need to throw it away. It is time to  wager on progressive employment  market.” MP Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir Social Democratic Party: “Such plans should be constantly  re-evaluated. We need to make  informed decisions, which areas do  we utilise and which areas do we  protect? A general plan would be a  good tool in that area.” MP Ágúst Ólafur Ágústsson G Ú N D I 10 oming up is an organ recital on 21 JANUARY at noon by one of Iceland's most promising young organists, Guðmundur Sigurðsson, playing the magnificent Klais-organ which attracts each year many of the world's most accomplished organists taking part in the festival Summer Evening at the Organ. Among those playing this summer are Thomas Trotter from England and Sophie-Veronique Cauchefer-Choplin from Paris. he church Hallgrímskirkja towering over Reykjavík and nabouring communities plays an important role in Reykjavík's vibrant cultural life. THE CHURCH'S FRIENDS OF THE ARTS SOCIETY offers a diverse and extensive cultural programme all year round with choir concerts, organ recitals, art exhibitions and various other events to be enjoyed by local people and tourists alike. ARTS ALL YEAR ROUND IN HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA CHURCH CT Please visit our website for further information,


Reykjavík Grapevine

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