Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 48

Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 48
YOUR FREE COPY Stuffed with stuff REYKJAVÍK´S ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER grap ISSUE ONE: JAN 13 – FEB 9 “All the harbours, all around the country, are wide open….Look, I was a captain on a trawler. I know how these things work.” Skuggabörn author Reynir  Traustason on the drug trade in  Iceland, page 6. “When they’re into it, then they’re into it the same way. Then they’re talking at the screen, but they’re all talking in the direction of the movie.” Quentin Tarantino describing  American black movie audiences  to Icelanders, just before his  lengthy black person in a movie  theatre impression, page 13. “They hit an interesting (well, interesting for Múm, anyway) note with the gothic accordion crescendos of their second song, but for the most part remained firmly sutured into their shiny, sugar-coated self-indulgent musical land, a distant realm where elves and fairies fly unicorns over rainbows and feed candy apples to pink-furred pigmy bears with no claws and vacant smiles on their faces.” Part of Sindri Eldon’s review of  the January 7th Hætta concert,  page 19. “You know, people hear my voice and they ask me why I’m not a millionaire. And I have to tell them that I just don’t know.” Blues great Razorblade on his  career in Clarksdale, MS,  page 39. YOUR FREE COPY


Reykjavík Grapevine

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