Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 25

Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 25
31 Krua Thai Tryggvagata 14 It’s easy when you know what you’re doing: good food for a reasonable price. To make it easier for the rest of us, they have their menu outside with images in colour and numbers. Just say the number and eat the food. CL IP n´S AV E Kaffibarinn, Bergstaðastræti 1. Hressingarskálinn, Austurstræti 20. Kaffi Hljómalind, Laugavegur 21. PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR WIRELESS NETWORKS, TRY: 28 Kaffibrennslan Pósthusstræti 9 Kaffibrennslan manages to be just a nice, “normal” place to go to, and a place to be seen at, surprisingly enough both at the same time. A wide variety of beverages, both bistro menu and a terrace outside the bar when the weather allows it. The iced coffee beverage is a delight. 30 Litli Ljóti Andarunginn Lækjargata 6b They have a fish buffet for 2500ISK every evening, with the magic words “eat-as- much-as-you-can” floating in the air. They also have an Icelandic media person working there every now and then, so watch out for a curly haired, friendly gentleman called Egill. RE STA UR AN TS 29 Glaumbar Tryggvagata 20 One of the few proper sport bars in Reykjavík, so you can go and watch whatever game happens to be on the TV screens. The establishment is basically based around the bar, so you won’t have to go a long way for a drink. Open until five, and has a reputation for late night partying. 32 Tveir Fiskar Geirsgata 9 Seafood restaurant, although they also do land-based animals. At lunchtime you can have a three-course meal for 2300, which isn’t too bad, all things considered. The chef has been awarded the Medal of the Order of the White Rose by the President of Finland. 33 Hornið Hafnarstræti 15 Means “the corner” and the place lives up to its name. This is actually the oldest Italian restaurant in town, celebrating its 25th year, which says something about the scene here before then. Excellent quality pizza, pasta and salads—all priced affordably. 34 Argentína Baronstigur 11a Argentina is something in the direction of South-American-steakhouse-goes- fine-dining-in-Reykjavík. It was the first restaurant around to offer steaks by weight, and it focuses on the beef – but they know their whale, sheep and reindeer as well. 35 Póstbarinn Pósthússtræti 13 Situated by Austurvöllur, Póstbarinn is a bistro-priced restaurant, a rare treat. It is also one of few restaurants in Reykjavík with decent outdoor service, a must in the winter months. Live jazz once a week and check out the reasonably priced fish menu they have, only 1490ISK. 36 Tjarnarbakkinn Vonarstræti 3 Above the Iðnó theatre, so it’s good place to go before shows, or during if you prefer a more quiet atmosphere. If you sit by the window you get nice view of the pond. It’s not a bad place to try one of Iceland’s culinary specialities, the lamb steak, one of those rare traditional treats that does not come as a shock to the uninitiated. 37 Tapas Vesturgata 3b For those with a bit of money and time on their hands, the evening is well spent at Tapas, where you can while away the evening having course after course of wonderful miniature dishes served. If you don’t feel like getting up right away afterwards, there’s also a lounge 38 Sægreifinn Geirsgata A place to go for the local touch, even if usually a place recommended with this argument instantly looses the exotic. Still, I’d try this one. Sægreifinn (Sea baron) is a combination of a fish store and a... well, not exactly a restaurant but a place that serves prepared food, located in a harbour warehouse. Smell of fish, view over the harbour, old man that looks exactly like an Icelandic fisherman should. What’s not to love? 39 Shalimar Austurstræti 4 Prides itself on being the northernmost Indian restaurant in the world. The daily special, comprised of two dishes on your plate, goes for roughly 1000 ISK. But we recommend the Chicken Tikka Masala, known to be highly addictive. 41 Aktu Taktu Skúlagata 15 The drive-in destination in 101 Reykjavík, Aktu Taktu is busy all day and all night. The burgers never disappoint, and the caramel shakes are a local favourite. If George Lucas ever makes his proposed Icelandic Graffiti, Aktu Taktu will have a central role. 42 Pizza King Hafnarstræti 18 Yes, you can go here late at night and grab the best pizza in town, but it is also home to the best lunch specials, and food so good you’d eat it sober, something you can’t say for most food in Reykjavík. Plan on a fifteen- minute wait during lunch, so it’s best to call or stop at a local bookstore or souvenir shop while your pizza is cooked. 43 Bagel House Laugavegur Like most of the fast food in Reykjavík and in the rest of the universe, it’s about bread and something in the middle/inside/on top of it. The Bagel House don’t seem to realize that they have good bagels, as they cover them with conventional sandwich ingredients Subway-style, but we forgive them this faux pas. Just tell them to put the sauce down, and hand over the bagel. . 44 Bæjarins Bestu Tryggvagata Their menu is simple: It consists of coke and hotdog. And nothing else. Ask for one with everything, and you’ll get a dog in a bun with ketchup, mustard, remoulade (don’t ask), fried and raw onion. The standard Icelandic hot dog, only somehow it tastes better. 45 Hlölla Bátar By Ingólfstorg The first sub sandwich shop in Iceland, opened in 1986, Hlölla Bátar has a large selection of subs filled and named with creativity and imagination. Brave souls might want to try the Gúmmí-Bátur (rubber boat), or go local and choose Sýslumannabátur (sheriff sub) with lamb filling. 46 Nonnabiti Hafnarstræti 11 The owner is a miser who charges additionally for everything, but this is almost certainly the best junk food in the Greater Reykjavík area. The subs are great, none of that Subway commitment to healthy living, and they probably contribute significantly to the ever-increasing “size” of the nation. They also serve burgers and sandwiches, and have lunchtime offers. 47 Quiznos Lækjargata A new branch of the American Quiznos has entered the thriving downtown sub market, and it’s you, our dear, hungry reader that gains from it. A good selection of tasty subs, but also sandwiches, salads, soup of the day. This is Quiznos first European restaurant, your response will decide how many more will come East. 48 First Vegetarian (Á næstu grösum) Laugavegur 20b Used to be called One Woman Restaurant, as there was always the same woman working there. Has new owners and a larger staff, but the theme is still vegetarian, with one vegan and one wheat-free dish always on offer. The only vegetarian restaurant licensed to carry beer and wine. 50 Vitabar Bergþórugata 21 Actually a bar, but best known for its hamburgers. A burger with fries for 500 is one of the best meal deals in town, but special mention must go to the Forget-Me-Not blue cheese and garlic extravaganza. 49 Kebabhúsið Lækjargata 2, Kringlan shopping mall Apart from the multicultural experience that comes with eating the Icelandic version of Kebab, which comes with beef and lamb, or Falafel, which comes with marinara sauce and pickled cucumber, this eatery has the best fish and chips in town and a menu that would satisfy the United Nations. FAS T F OO D 40 Við tjörnina Templarasund 3 One of the best-known fish restaurants in Iceland, it also kind of rocks. The cook is Súkkat member and Megas sidekick Gunni. Foodwise, they’re known for innovative fish dishes made from a variety of rare fish and shellfish and related raw materials. Crystal Shop and Spiritual Gallery Crystal, Reiki and Spiritual healing. Detox System foot spa treatment available also. Icelands largest minirals and crystals shop. Gjafir Jarðar. Ingólfsstræti 2 101 Reykjavík Tel: 517-2774 Laugavegur Austurstræti Bankastræti Skólavörðustígur Hverfisgata Fra kk as tíg ur Barón sstíg ur Læ kja rga ta I ng ólf ss træ ti Be rgs tað ast ræ ti Þin gh olt ss træ ti Óð ins ga ta Tja rna rga ta 2 32 31 38 35 34 37 27 4 40 36 29 15 7 45 1 41 Laugavegur Bankastræti Austurstræti Hafnarstræti Hverfisgata Læ kj ar ga ta In gó lfs st ræ ti Kl ap pa rs tíg urSkólavörðustígur 311 13 14 16 17 1920 4246 44 5 30 33 8 24 25 9 10 6 39 23 28 26 22 48 21 12 49 43 47 18 DOWNTOWN REYKJAVIK


Reykjavík Grapevine

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