Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 31

Reykjavík Grapevine - 07.01.2006, Blaðsíða 31
GRAPEVINE’S PURCHASES THAT JUSTIFY EXISTENCE 5900 ISK Warm as hell and weather resistant, the ushanka (Russian for “ear-flaps hat”) is a winter necessity. While most boutiques sell fox, bear and raccoon ushankas for up to 29,000 ISK (almost 470 USD), men’s clothing store Vinnufatabúðin sells high quality rabbit ushankas for 5,900 ISK. As crazy as winter weather can get in Iceland, it probably pays for itself in a week. Available at Vinnufa- tabúðin, Laugavegur 76, 551-5425 PN 59 ISK The market for soft drinks made from malt and tasting like unfermented dark beer was once completely under the control of the Egils brewing company. That lucrative monopoly has now been broken, as discount grocery store Bónus has introduced their own brand, Bónus Malt. This version is not only cheaper (at 59 ISK per half litre, compared to 83 ISK) than Malt Extrakt, it’s also lighter and less sweet, with a pilsneresque finish. Goes great with venison, reindeer, and any kind of pork. Available at Bónus supermarkets, locations all over Iceland. PN Ushankas at Vinnufatabúðin Bónus Malt at Bónus 600 ISK Despite the disappoint- ment when the bar didn’t automatically massage us, this odd little handmade soap-type product with the chocolate fragrance has a certain coy appeal. In a time when cartoon babies talk about AstroGlide, and in a town where, according to an extremely dubious but oft-quoted Durex survey, 60% of the women own battery-op- erated assistants, being told that a piece of body lotion melts on the skin feels extremely retro, and almost charming. Costs about 600 ISK at Lush Handmade Soaps. BC Honeymo oners Message Bar As the holiday season ap- proaches, thousands of sheep and pigs are slaughtered for Christmas dinners. Often times, supply gets too optimistic about demand, and that means a January full of discount leftover hangikjöt (smoked lamb) and hamborgararhryggur (pork back—tastier than it sounds). The meat is of course frozen at this point, and is often marked down by as much as 20% to 40%. You can get a few months’ supply of Christmas flesh spill-over for a fair price. Available in supermarkets all over Iceland. PN Leftover Discount Christmas Flesh � � 31


Reykjavík Grapevine

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