Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 11

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 11
Torfi H. Tulinius THE WESTFJORDS When one looks at a map of Iceland, among the fírst things that catch the eye is the north-westem peninsula, the so- called Westijords (Icel. Vestfirðir). Its bizarre and complex shape is suggestive to the imagination, a bit like a Rohr- schach test. To me it looks like a giant hand or claw growing out of the rest of the country, ready to grab whatever floats by in the North Atlantic. To others it probably evokes something else. Be that as it may, the Westfjords are not only fas- cinating for the eye, they are also an exceptionally interesting region for research on the past. The reasons are almost as numerous as the fífty-two ljords and bays which compose this strange-looking peninsula. The aim of this introduction is to give the reader a small idea of why this particular area of Iceland is so interesting. The Westíjords can be consid- ered to form a triangle attached to the rest of the country at one of its comers by a thin strip of mountainous land between the fjords of Gilsfjörður and Bitmfjörður. The triangle is almost equilateral, since each of its three sides is of approximate- ly the same length. All of them are cut by fjords. However, each side has its special characteristics. The south coast, called Barða- strönd, faces the fjord of Breiðafjörður and its myriad of islands. Going from east to west, it forms a series of fjords and peninsulas but ends with the long and high cliffs of Látrabjarg. Though part of the Westfjords, this area was also in close contact with other coastal regions of BreiðaJjörður: Dalir to the east and Snæfellsnes to the south. During most of the history of Iceland, many of the numerous islands were inhabited and some still are. The eastem side of the triangle, oriented south-east to north-west, faces the north of the country, with which it has had contact over the centuries. It is also open to the Arctic Ocean which carries large amounts of driftwood which are cast on the shore each year. This is one of the primary resources of this part of a country famously poor of forests. The Strandir region, as it is called, prolongs itself to the north-west, in an even more isolated and sparsely populated area called Homstrandir. The westem side of the peninsu- la faces the open sea. It is characterized by large fjords which drive deep into to the peninsula, towards the centre of the triangle. This is especially tme of two of these fjords, Arnarljörður and Isa- fjarðardjúp. The fírst one is to the south and forms a self-contained world with several smaller Ijords branching into the Archaeologia Islandica 4 (2005) 9-15
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Archaeologia Islandica

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