Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 70

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 70
James Taylor, Guðrún Alda Gísladóttir, Andrea Harðardóttir and Gavin Lucas EYRI IN SKUTULSFJÖRÐUR The farm of Eyri in Skutulsfjörður is known as one of the major settlements of the area, from the medieval period up to the time it was abandoned in the late 19th cen- tury. It is believed to be the fírst farm in Skutulsfjörður and a church was probably established at the site soon after the Christianization of Iceland. It is not clear whose property Eyri was in early times but probably both the church and the farm early on became part of the diocese of Skálholt. The farm was occupied until 1874, and, although levelled in the early 20th century, the site has not been subsequently built over despite lying in the middle of the town of ísafjörður. In 2003 archaeolog- ical investigations started and both the nature and date of the deposits found suggest excellent potential for preservation of earlier remains on the site. Keywords: Vestfirðir, center, farm mound, church, trading site, commime ministres Introduction In the summer of 2003, an archaeological project was started at Eyri in Skutuls- fjörður. The farm of Eyri is known as one of the major settlements of the area, from the medieval period up to the time it was abandoned in the late 19th century. The investigations are being undertaken by the Institute of Archaeology (Fomleifa- stofnun íslands) on behalf of the town of ísafjörður in cooperation with The Maritime Museum in ísafjörður (Sjó- minjasafn-Byggðasafn Vcstfjarða) and the University of Iceland (Háskóli íslands - Hugvísindastofnun). The Eyri farm mound is located within the grounds of the old hospital building (now the town museum and library) in the town of ísafjörður, and within the playground of the adjacent playschool Eyrarskjól to the northeast. It is set on the landward (northwestem) end of the promontory, which lends the farm its name. The farm remained in use until 1874 and after abandonment, while strac- tural timber was reused in the town, the mins were otherwise left alone until a hospital was constructed in the homefield c. 1925. Shortly after this, the mins were flattened and grassed over. It is remark- able that the area has never been built upon during the subsequent growth of the town. Archaeological investigations began in 2003 and a contour survey cen- tred upon the farm mound and its imme- diate vicinity has recorded in detail the local topography, and revealed two prob- able foci of activity on the site. Brief history Historically Eyri was very important in the area. It is believed to be the first farm in Skutulsfjörður and medieval sources suggest that the farm may date to the set- Archaeologia Islandica 4 (2005) 68-80
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Archaeologia Islandica

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