Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 25

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 25
Archaeological Excavations at Vatosfjörður 2003-04 The 2004 archaeological excavations The excavation at Vatnsfjörður continued in June 2004 and focused on the oval- shaped building recorded in 2003. Two occupational phases were recorded in the summer of 2004. The earliest phase was a Viking Age longhouse. This longhouse was well-preserved with the exception of the walls which had been damaged by fíeld leveling. This damage was more severe in the southem end of the build- ing. The latter phase saw major con- stmction changes to the longhouse. In particular, the longhouse had been short- ened by the erection of a new southem wall bisecting the longhouse. The func- tion of this latter-phase structure is unknown. Early occupation phase The longhouse at Vatnsfjörður is approx- imately 15x5 meters (measured on the inside), with bow-shaped walls. The walls were constmcted of turf and foun- dation stones were not visible. It is like- ly that the reason why foundation stones were not recorded during the excavations may well be because the walls had sus- tained considerable damage at later peri- ods and that they have not been not fully excavated. The walls were completely flattened and at no point were they high- er than 10-20 centimeters. The condition of the walls made it difficult to determine what type of turf was used in the con- stmction of the walls but all the available evidence suggests that they had original- ly been made of the strengur type. This type of turf was often used in buildings in Iceland and is recorded at all periods. Turf of this type is cut from a bog and is made of a turf block, ca. 0.50 x 1.0 meters long and 10-20 centimeters thick. The turf block is placed in such a way that it locks into the block beside it and then another layer of turf is added on top until the wall is constracted. In the centre of the longhouse was a hearth made of stones. The hearth was oval-shaped and measured 2 x 1 meters, but it had been damaged on both ends and its original size was probably 4 x 2 meters. The hearth was constracted of upright stones which have been dug into the ground and large flat stones placed between them. All the stones in the fíre- place showed evidence of extensive buming and the flat stones were all fire cracked. The longhouse had two entrances both on the eastem wall. The northem entrance was better preserved as field flattening had badly damaged the southem entrance. The northem entrance was 1.20 meters wide and paved with large flat stones, which extended east- wards from the building. Some of the stones had obviously been removed as there were gaps in the pavement. On the inside of the entrance two postholes were recorded which probably are the remains of doorposts. These postholes were aligned with small stones which support- ed the doorposts. The southem entrance was badly damaged and all pavement stones had been removed from it except for a few small flat stones. The entrance was similar in size to the northern entrance. The floor deposits in the long- house extended over the entire area inside the longhouse with the exception of the westem side of the building where there was approximately 1 meter between the floor deposits and the wall. This may be a result of having benches along the westem wall but not along the eastem wall. The floor deposits were 23
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