Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 53

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2005, Blaðsíða 53
Ragnar Edvardsson COMMERCIAL AND SUBSISTANCE FISHING IN VESTFIRÐIR A STUDYIN THE ROLE OF FISHING IN THE ICELANDIC MEDIEVAL ECONOMY It has generally been accepted that historically Iceland as an economic unit based its income on agriculture and that no important differences could be distinguished between regions. For the past decade archaeological research into fishing in Vestfirðir has generated data that contradicts this idea and suggests that Vestfirðir based its economy primarily on marine resources and agriculture was secondary. Furthermore, it suggests that fish products played a much more important role in the Icelandic economy and society from the beginning of the settlement until the late 16th century. A complex picture is emerging of trade and exchange both with- in and outside Iceland. Ragnar Edvardsson, The Fishing and farm economy In the 20th century físhing became the dominant economic activity in Iceland and today it provides up to 70% of the national income. The change from an agricultural society to a society that based its income primarily on fishing was the result of technological changes within the fishing industry in the late 19th century. Iceland has few natural resources that can be exported on a large scale. During the early Middle Ages Iceland exported wool and other agricul- tural products but in the late Middle Ages the demand for físh in Europe (i.e. cured físh) increased and físh became one of the major export items in the period from AD 1250-1500. Technological advances in the 13th and 14th centuries brought about the development of ships that could transport físh on a larger scale than had previously been possible. Graduate School and University Center, CUNY, 365 Park Avenue, New York, NY10016. Keywords: Vestfirðir; Fishing; Economy. Scholars have, for a long time, considered the historical importance of físhing in Iceland as minor, and this view has remained unchanged for decades. The belief is that agriculture was the major focus of the economy from the set- tlement period (AD 900) until the mid- 13th century and fishing was only a means for extra income for the farms. From the 13th century until the early 16th century, the export of físh gradually increased because foreign merchants began sailing to Iceland looking to buy físh products. This increase triggered people to move to the shoreline and take part in this growing industry. At this peri- od there seems to have been a lot of poor and landless people that saw this as an opportunity to gain income. Flowever, there seems not to have been enough sur- plus population to engage in this new venture as this shift caused a concomi- Archaeologia Islandica 4 (2005) 51-67
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Archaeologia Islandica

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