Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 9

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 9
GAVIN LUCAS EDITORIAL This volume offers up a diverse set of papers outlining recent research within Icelandic archaeology. The issue begins with a paper addressing what has been a greatly neglected field: underwater archaeology. Being an island, Iceland has been dependent on the sea in multiple ways, especially for fishing and contact with other parts of northwestem Europe. The importance of including the sea as a part of cultural heritage is therefore vital and yet at the same time, largely under-researched and managed. Edvardsson‘s article is thus an important addition to the limited literature on underwater archaeology in Iceland and one which, one hopes will mark the beginning of a more systematic engagement with this neglected part of the archaeological record. The paper that follows, by Nikola Trbojevic, Dawn Mooney and Aidan Bell addresses the rate of wood consumption for domestic íuel in Viking age Iceland; this has important consequences, not least in relation to the process of deforestation and woodland management. Their experimental approach offers a new set of data to incorporate into these larger questions and is a vast improvement over ‘guestimates’ based on imagined consumption rates. Indeed, with its strong tradition of using historical and ethno-historical/folkore sources to help interpret the archaeological record, Icelandic archaeology can only benefit ffom an injection of altemative analogies, and experimental archaeology (which has been used to address other issues in Icelandic archaeology like iron working and formation processes) is a fíeld - like underwater archaeology - ripe with under-utilized potential. The next two set of papers by Orri Vésteinsson and Adolf Friðriksson outline preliminary thoughts on the location of burials in Iceland, especially focusing on the continuities and contrasts between pagan and Christian burial grounds. Their work is part of a new project exploring burial practices in Iceland over the long term - that is, the 1100 years of human settlement in the country. Established explicitly to counter the conventional tendency to separate the study of pagan and Christian burial, their study tries to deal with the burial record as a totality, and in so doing, potentially uncover blind spots and reveal new pattems in how people treated their dead over the long term. Their papers are followed by a study of one of the most common and persistent artefact types found in Iceland: the whetstone. Occuring on sites ffom between the ninth to nineteenth centuries, these small eveiyday objects have not been the subject of much attention, perhaps because of their
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