Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 36

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 36
TRBOJEVIÉ N., MOONEY D. E. AND BELL A. J. nana), which were also heavily represented in the Viking Age vegetation of Iceland, the focus here was on the use of the larger tree-birch as fuel so as to approach an answer to the question of how much of the woodlands might have been felled due to the daily needs of the Viking Age population for firewood. It is reasonable to assume that tree-birch would have been preferred over the wood of shrubs as fuel, as long as it was available. One of the key questions related to the amount of wood used in the experiment appeared before it actually started. This was the storage problem - how and where was firewood stored? If 100 kg of wood, as used for this experiment which lasted for almost two days, took approximately 0.5 m3, it is clear that storing wood for an entire season must have been a matter of careíul spatial organisation. Five mercury centigrade (Celsius) thermometers were set up for the experiment (figure 2). They were positioned at the height of 2 m, both outside the building (1), following the shade position during the day (4 positions), as well as inside: in the main room (2) and in two smaller rooms (2). The aim was that the results could be expressed as a range of temperature values reflecting living conditions in houses of this type. Results The 100 kg of wood fuelled 43 hours and 40 minutes of continuous buming and maintained temperatures suitable for living and cooking by 3 people in an area of 45 m2 and a volume of 133 m3. The buming produced insignificant amounts of ash, due to good preparation of the firewood, which was dried and ready for use. On the one hand, the period of 43h 40’ could be regarded as short compared to similar week-long experiments done in other countries (e.g. Lejre, Denmark: Skov et al 2000). However, it was more than sufficient to yield useful results, since the temperature established soon after the start of the experiment was not significantly affected throughout the entire experiment despite variations of 16°C in the outside temperature. In other words, even with such a large variation in the outside temperature, the interior temperature remained stable even without any significantly larger consumption of firewood, which testifies to the good insulative properties of houses like this. The temperature was relatively stable for more than 40 hours and this was easily maintained with an almost steady rate of firewood consumption despite the outside temperature. For this reason it was decided that it was not necessary to prolong the experiment. The small number of people involved in the experiment (three persons) could be regarded as a weakness, but only during the night time, since during the day the occasional entry of tourists into the house can be seen as a reasonably realistic simulation of the presence of people in the house for short periods at a time. It is probable that the inhabitants of these houses spent significant parts of their time outdoors during the summer season. The temperature reached an acceptable level (which was maintained throughout the experiment) very quickly (in less than an hour) at the beginning, with a similarly rapid retum to the 34 J
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Archaeologia Islandica

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