Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 67

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 67
SIGRID CECILIE JUEL HANSEN THE ICELANDIC WHETSTONE MATERIAL - AN OVERVIEW OF RECENT RESEARCH Whetstones from Viking Age and early medieval sites have been analyzed widely in Scandinavian and North Europe, but has only recently been the subject of any systematic, broad-scale analysis in Iceland. The initial goal was twofold: firstly to establish basic knowledge about whetstones from archaeological contexts in Iceland, and secondly to apply this information to increase our understanding of exchange and connections. The research is focused on the Viking Age and early medieval whetstone collections (ca. AD 870-1150), but this article also draws comparisons to the post-medieval and modem fmds in Iceland. The aim is to provide an overview of whetstone research in Iceland and reveal the results of recent work on the subject. Sigrid Cecilie Juel Hansen MAP - Mosfell Archaeological Project, Reykjavik sicejuel@gmail. com Keywords: Whetstone, Iceland, Viking Age, Middle Ages, Trade Introduction Whetstones were sharpening tools and an important part of people’s personal kit, indispensable to anyone using knives, axes, arrows, sickles, scythes, needles, scissors and any other iron implement or weapon with a cutting edge or point. They were brought to Iceland with the first settlers and continuously imported well into the 20th century. There are several excellent reasons for studying this particular artifact group. Not only were the whetstones a very important part of the everyday life of people in the past, they are also often very well-preserved when recovered from archaeological contexts. As many stone artifacts, whetstones are common finds, in fact they are ubiquitous on settlement sites, ranging from marginal farms and shielings to large central farms and church centers. Everyone needed a good whetstone and the results of studying whetstones can therefore be applied to society as a whole. The trade in this commodity is well-known throughout Scandinavia from the Viking Age onwards and there is no stone of sufficient quality to produce good whetstones in Iceland, so almost all the material is prima facie evidence of trade and foreign connection. This combination, of an artifact with potential for studying trade and importance for all levels of a society makes it all the more promising to look at the Icelandic whetstone material. Previously only few studies of the Icelandic whetstone collections had been carried out. The first was an overview of the collections in the National Museum of Iceland by Kristján Eldjám as part of his ARCHAEOLOGIA ISLANDICA 9 (2011) 65-76
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