Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 27

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 27
ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF SELECTED SUBMERGED SITES IN VESTFIRÐIR is completely broken up due to storms and currents and it is probably the remains of the trawler Euripides. TálknaQörður Tálknaijörður is the fjord next to Patreksfjörður to the north. The fjord is smaller and narrower than Patreksfjörður and a small peninsula, Sveinseyri, is on the north side of the §ord. The east side of this peninsula offered a shelter and safe mooring for large ships, making it an ideal site for a trading post. It is unknown when trading commenced at Sveinseyri but traders where at least sailing to Tálknafjörur as early as 1393 (íslenskir Annálar 1847). In the 17th centuiy the trading post was taken over by the Danish and it remained an important trading center until the early 20th century (Fig. 9). Area K. Sveinseyri The survey was focused on each side of the Sveinseyri peninsula and the areas were similar in size, approximately 500 x 300 meters. The seabed on both the west and east side of the peninsula is very shallow, Two to three hundred meters from the sliore the depth ranges between 1.5-3 meters. On the east side of the Sveinseyri peninsula the seabed is very silted and shallow along the shore but gradually gets deeper towards the south and east. The depth ranges from 3-25 meters on the east side of Sveinseyri. The side-scan sonar showed a number of man made objects but they need to be verified. Some of these objects were fairly large and could possibly be parts of shipwrecks but that also needs to be tested. One dive was carried out on the east side of Sveinseyri to test an object that had shown up on sonar and to examine the underwater environment. The visibility during the dive was poor, only about 3 meters and a circular search was used to locate the object. The object was made of iron and was overgrown with marine life and could not be identified but probably came from a ship or a boat. The seabed was made up thick sediments and not much marine vegetation was visible with in the search area. Conlusion The systematic survey of selected areas around the Vestfirðir peninsula has demonstrated the potential for many important submerged archaeological sites. It appears that a number of unknown Track Patreksfjörður Tálknafjörður Hveravík Paradís 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 Total 3 1 1 1 Table 1 Side-scan sonar anomalies 25
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Archaeologia Islandica

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