Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 31

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 31
TRBOJEVIC N., MOONEY D. E. AND BELL A. J. A FIREWOOD EXPERIMENT AT EIRÍKSSTAÐIR: A STEP TOWARDS QUANTIFYING THE USE OF FIREWOOD FOR DAILY HOUSEHOLD NEEDS IN VIKING AGE ICELAND Although birch wood is the only woodland-forming native tree in Iceland, little is known about its importance as a source of fuel for interior heating and cooking in Viking Age Iceland. Studies of fuel residues suggest that birch wood was the prevalent fuel in some sites, but not in others, and íurther research has been hampered by the lack of understanding about how much birch wood would have been needed to satisfy the fuel needs of ordinary households. Well-founded estimates about the quantity of birch wood needed are a precondition for determining to what extent such requirements contributed to the woodland decline which accompanied the colonisation of Iceland. Furthermore, these estimates would also allow us to determine if the drastically reduced woodlands of post-Settlement period Iceland could have sustained the basic fuel needs of ordinary households. This paper presents the results of an ethno-archaeological experiment conducted in a full-scale replica of a Viking Age house which indicate that during the summer season no more than 54.72 kg of birch firewood would be required to fulfil the daily household needs of interior heating and cooking. By combining the results of this experiment with the results of experiments conducted at other times of the year and adjusting for variations in longhouse sizes at other Viking Age sites, it will be possible to estimate the total extent of woodlands that would have been cleared to provide suffícient firewood on a yearly basis, and hence over the period of the first 60 years of human habitation. Finally, these results will allow us to determine if the introduction of other sources of fuel in post-Settlement Iceland was an unavoidable necessity due to drastically reduced woodland coverage. Trbojevic N. and Bell A. J. University of Iceland, Department of Archaeology, School of Humanities, Sœmundargötu 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland Mooney D. E. University of Aberdeen, Department of Archaeology, School of Geosciences, St Mary ’s Building, Elphinstone Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3 UF, UK Keywords: Viking Age, Iceland, Deforestation, Full-scale replica, Firewood, Experiment, Eiríksstaðir Introduction Access to fuel resources is vital to the viability of any human community. We use combustible fuel for heat, light, cooking and industry, and so wherever humans settle one of our main impacts on the environment will be the depletion (to some extent) of the natural fuel resources found there. This is a key interaction that underlies every colonisation of an area by humankind, from prehistory to modem times. In many societies across the world, ARCHAEOLOGIA ISLANDICA 9 (2011) 29-40
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Archaeologia Islandica

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