Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 33

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 33
A FIREWOOD EXPERIMENT AT EIRÍKSSTAÐIR: A STEP TOWARDS QUANTIFYING THE USE OF FIREWOOD FOR DAILY HOUSEHOLD NEEDS IN VIKING AGE ICELAND coverage at the time of Landnám. It is obvious that the commencement of farming activities in an area that was wooded at the time of colonization will show up much more distinctly in the palynological record, than in an area which was already an open grassland. Nonetheless, most pollen studies indicate that birch pollen levels declined signifícantly after the colonization of Iceland. But although palynological results can tell us about the decline of woodland in a certain area, it is hard to determine how much of this decline was related to human activity and how much was due to natural causes. Even though there is a general consensus that the deforestation was primarily caused by humans, although on the back of a slight natural decline, there has never been any estimate proposed to quantify the human impact on woodlands caused by different requirements of the Landnám population. This appears as a necesity if we are to understand the nature of Landnám deforestation and the role played by a settlement society and its economy in the overall process of deforestation. It is this question of the anthropogenic contribution to the decline of the Icelandic woodlands that could, and indeed should, be addressed by experimental archaeology. The amount of wood that would have been used by the settlers of Iceland for basic needs such as heating and cooking can be investigated by systematic experimentation. By studying the potential human contribution to woodland decline in Iceland through experimental methods, it should be possible to gain better understanding about the human-environment interactions that took place immediately after the Landnám. The outcome of such experimental work may confirm or refute traditional views regarding woodland decline, and also reveal new sets of questions about fuel use in the fírst centuries of the colonization of Iceland. Sadly, until recently there has been a great lack of experimental archaeology in Iceland. Materials and methods: The skáli The full-scale replica at Eiríksstaðir (figure 1) was used for an experiment to address the concems outlined above. Fignre 1. Full-scale replica house in Eiríksstaðir (photo by D. E. Mooney) Based on the results of a series of archaeological excavations of the original house in 1895, 1938 and finally 1997-99, the replica was opened for the public in 2000 but had not been used for experimental work before. Located approximately 100 metres west of the original house site, it is a timber-frame structure with interior panelling, ceiling with rafters and a brushwood lining, a triple layer of turf, and an intemal area of 31
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Archaeologia Islandica

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