Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 50

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.2011, Blaðsíða 50
ORRI VÉSTEINSSON significantly larger than in other parts of the country. In Berufjörður in the West a cluster of four cemeteries with 4-8 graves each ups the total figure of graves for the West considerably, making the West look slightly less anomalous than when only burial sites are considered. At present however only a handful of pagan cemeteries have been fully excavated so most figures of grave numbers are likely to be underestimated (Friðriksson 2009). At present it is therefore not possible to argue that there were regional differences in the sizes of cemeteries. That, however, is an issue which ongoing and future research is set to throw light on. More circumstantial, but no less intriguing, is the fact that the ratio of Christian cemeteries to settlements is significantly lower in the West than in other parts of the country (Friðriksson & Vésteinsson this volume). If there were already fewer cemeteries per settlement in the West before the conversion that might explain this pattem in Christian times. It is also possible that there were regional differences in burial forms which affect the distribution. Cremations have been suggested as their absence ffom the Icelandic burial record is somewhat perplexing given the frequency of this rite in Scandinavia in the Viking age. If cremations were widespread they should however have been detected (a single unsubstantiated case has been reported - Byock et al. 2005) unless they were less likely than inhumations to have included grave-goods, another proposition that would be difficult to sustain. Water burials are a more likely candidate. If they were, for some reason, more common in the West than in other parts of the country that would explain the difference. This would however be exceedingly difficult to demonstrate, and the lack of fmds of human bones and artefacts ffom lakes, rivers and bogs speaks against it. A final possibility is that there were regional differences not in burial frequency but in the prevalence of grave goods. If grave goods were placed in graves much more rarely or in much smaller quantity in the West than other parts of the country this would clearly have affected the archaeological visibility of pagan burials there because the vast majority of such burials are identified as such on the basis of the presence of grave goods. It is well known that pagan burials can have no grave goods whatsoever but the ffequency of burials with grave-goods relative to those without is unknown as pagan burials without grave-goods have primarily been identified in the very few cases where controlled excavations of whole cemeteries have been carried out. Isolated finds of burials without gravegoods are as a mle not included in Eldjám’s catalogue (although Tyrðilmýri in the West is one exception, Eldjám 2000, 120) although he publishes a number of them as possibles alongside the main assemblage. The distribution of these burials largely follows that of the more securely identified pagan burials and there are certainly not significant numbers of them in the West. Systematic recording of such finds is however only now underway, as a part of the project Death and burial in Iceland, and may give grounds for examining this explanation more closely. 48
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Archaeologia Islandica

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