Jökull - 01.12.1981, Blaðsíða 30

Jökull - 01.12.1981, Blaðsíða 30
less farthest away from the volcano. 'Fhe tephra is usually well sorted Itut there are a few exceptions which complicate the dis- tribution pattern described. In a few of the profiles on the northern side of the Snaefells- nes peninsula the tephra is not as well sorted. In profiles 49, 51 and 69 the lower part of the layer consists of coarse-grained tephra which grades into a finer upper part. In profile 62, on the other hand, the lower part is fine- grained grading into coarse-grained upper part. Profile 45 displays the following sequence: a fine-grained base, grading into coarse middle part which in turn grades into fine-grained tephra towards the top of the layer. The above-mentioned variations can either be attributed to changes in the phreatic activity of the volcano or a change in the wind strength. Sn-3 Sn-3 is the lowermost layer yet found. It is usually close to the base of the soil cover which is underlain by gravel, morainic material or basement rocks. The layer has been found in Breidavík on the south side of the peninsula and in the area from Ólafsvík to Hrauns- fjördur on the north side (Fig. 5). West of the volcano it is only found in profile 43, where it has a considerable thickness but consists of rounded grains and the tephra is without doubt water-transported in similar way as Sn-2 in the same profile. The layer is discon- tinuous and seems to have been greatly dis- turbed by wind. The maximum thickness runs towards northeast as far as can be gathered from the limited data. The distribution of the tephra in western part of the area is obscure. The 2.5 cm isopach shows a similar devi- ation from the main trend as do the thinner isopachs of Sn-1 and Sn-2 and can be ex- plained in a similar manner. The layer consists of light-coloured frothy pumice and ash. The grain size is about 1—2 cm east of Ólafsvík, but drops to less than 0.2 cm farthest away. The maximum thickness observed is 30.5 cm in profile 48. The tephra layer in profiles 48 and 55 con- sists of two separate parts, a coarse-grained lower part and a finer grained upper part. These two parts are separated by a 2 cm tliick black basaltic or andesitic tephra layer, whose origin is unknown but presumably comes frorn the Snaefellsjökull volcano. It can bc con- cluded that Sn-3 was produced in two phreatic phases interrupted by a basaltic or andesitic eruption. IRREGULARITIES IN THICKNESS AND DISTRIBUTION As mentioned above some consistent irre- gularities were observed in the distribution pattern of all three layers. They are of three types: 1. Uneven thickness from one profile to another. 2. Unusual thinning or abrupt disappearance of tephra west of the axis of maximum thickness. 3. The eastward twist of the isopachs of the smaller thicknesses. The first type is demonstrated in unusual differences in thickness from one profile to another or even phasing out of the layer in some restricted areas and abnormally great thicknesses in others. The most likely explan- ation is that all these layers were deposited during wintertime, preferably on frozen or snowcovered ground. Winds may sub- sequently have swept the tephra off the ground in some places and piled it into drifts elsewhere. Water has also modified the layers, especially on mountain slopes. The apparent abrupt thinning out of the tephra west of the axis of maximum thickness is observed to some extent for all the layers. Sn-1 is about 20 cm thick at Ólafsvík but has not been found west of there. Sn-2 has rather abnormal distribution in the same area and is not found west or south of Hellissandur where it is 12 cm thick. Sn-3 has an unilateral distribution. It is 30.5 cm thick east of Ólafsvík 28 JÖKULL 31. ÁR
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