Jökull - 01.12.1981, Blaðsíða 31

Jökull - 01.12.1981, Blaðsíða 31
but was not found at all further west. These deviations in the distribution can be explained by a strong southwesterly wind curving around the northwestern side of the volcano, resulting in the tephra either being prevented from being deposited or more probably in the tephra being cleared off the ground by a strong wind especially if the eruption took place in wintertime as suggested earlier. The third phenomenon, the consistent eastward twist of the isopachs of the smaller thicknesses may be attributed to local effect of topography on low altitude wind. Bergthorsson (1980) has studied the effects of mountains on a>r pressure in Iceland. A relatively high pressure is observed over the windward sides °f mountains, both on large and medium scale. On the other hand there is a negative pressure anomaly over the leeside. This phe- rtomenon is mostly determined by a low altitude wind but the upper wind seems to be relatively unimportant. This effect results in right-hand bending of the wind current over the mountains (see Fig. 2 in Berglhorsson, 1980). Bergthorsson (1980) has demonstrated such effects over Iceland as a whole and to a certain extent the Vestfirdir peninsula displays some evidence of this. It is not known if small mountain chains like that of the Snaefellsnes peninsula can have such effect (Bergthorsson, pers. comm.). Nevertheless the above- mentioned effect could explain the twist. In our case a southwesterly wind will have more 'vesterly direction over the Snaefellsnes peninsula at low altitudes. Another cause could be a systematic change in wind direc- tton during the course of all the eruptions but that seems rather an unlikely coincidence which, however, can not be excluded. black tephra layers A few black tephra layers were encountered but individual layers were not traced to their ongin. The relative age of the layers can be established from their relation to the acid layers. By these means a rough estimate of the age relations of the basaltic and andesitic vol- canism may be obtained. Black tephra layers from individual cinder cones have a limited distribution and usually do not overlap. In Breidavík there is a 2 — 3 cm thick black layer (profiles 37 — 39), and in one of the profiles it overlies Sn-1. Further west in profi- les 42 and 43 a 5 — 7 cm thick black tephra layer occurs. In the latter profile (43) the layer is overlain by Sn-2 and is thus not the same layer as in profiles 37 — 39. The former profile (42) is on top of an old lava flow about 1 km west of Purkhólar. The black layer separating the two parts of Sn-3 has been discussed earlier in the paper. Another layer is exposed in profiles 19 and 20 on top of Sn-2 and in profile 20 it is in turn covered by a redeposited part of Sn-2. In most profiles east of Grundarfjördur there is a prominent black layer which thick- ens towards the cinder cones in the Berserkja- hraun lava field. It is usually 5 — 20 cm below Sn-2 but well above Sn-3. In profile 78 are two black layers 3 cm apart and in profile 76 there are three. These are close to the cinder cones and support the suggestion made by Jóhannes- son (1982b) that the Berserkjahraun lava was formed in three separate eruptions. AGE RELATIONS Steinthórsson (1967) reports two C,4-datings of soil samples from below two acid tephra layers at Fagrahlíd in Fródárhreppur on the northern side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. By comparing the profiles presented by Stein- thórsson with ours in the same area it seems obvious that the two layers dated are Sn-1 and Sn-2. According to these datings Sn-1 and Sn-2 are 1750 ± 150 and Sn-2 3960 ± 100 years old, respectively. The age of Sn-3 is not known, but its closeness to the base of the soil cover, which started forming at the end of the last glacial period (about 10000 years ago), suggests an age of about 7000 — 9000 years. By comparing the relative position of the tephra from the cinder cones in the Berserkja- hraun lava field with the acid layers its age JÖKULL 31.ÁR 29
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