Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.04.1988, Blaðsíða 35

Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.04.1988, Blaðsíða 35
SUMMARY False aquatic moss balls from Iceland by Ævar Petersen, Icelandic Museum ofNatural History, P.O. Box5320, 125 Reykjavík In 1969 false lake balls were found at two freshwater lakes in NW Iceland (see details of localities etc. in text). These formations are, as far as I am aware, previously unrecorded from this coun- try. The balls were formed of moss, mainly of Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. and in one case D. revolvens (Sw.) Warnst., but D. exannu- latus (B., S. & G.) Warnst. in another case. These moss species, which are pri- marily wetland species rather than aq- uatic, indicate the balls were formed from moss falling into the water, perhaps live at first, or as debris. They have then been rolled up by water currents and wave action. The moss balls were at dif- ferent stages of development (Figs 1-2). At a third locality, Helgi Hallgrímsson found moss balls in a salt water lagoon in N Iceland (Fig. 3). They are most likely formed in the same manner, except the principal moss species of the single ball examined was Hygrohypnum ochraceum (Wils.) Loeske, which is the most com- mon moss species found in freshwater in Iceland. Since no streams discharge di- rectly into the lagoon, the moss must have become detached and been carried by nearby streams into the sea and then floated with sea water into the lagoon. Hence moss balls have been found both in fresh and salt water in Iceland, although these are the only records known to the author. 35
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