Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.04.1989, Blaðsíða 37

Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.04.1989, Blaðsíða 37
tion (ritstj. L. Kaufmann & K. Mallo- ry). The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. Prance, G. T. 1989. A growing sphere of knowledge. Nature 337. 27. Ramanathan, V. 1988. The greenhouse theory of climate change: A test by an inadvertent global experiment. Science 240. 293-99. Richards, P. W. 1952. The Tropical Rain Forest. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 450 bls. Rubinoff, I. 1983. A strategy for preserv- ing tropical forests. Bls. 465-76 í: Trop- ical Rain Forest: Ecology and Manage- ment. Special Publication Series of the British Ecological Society (ritstj. S. L. Sutton, T. C. Whitmore & A. C. Chadwick). Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. Salati, E. & P. B. Vose 1984. Amazon ba- sin: a system in equilibrium. Science 225. 129-38. Shaffer, M. L. & F. B. Samson 1985. Pop- ulation size and extinction: a note on determining critical population size. American Naturalist 125. 144-52. Silvertown, J. 1980. The evolutionary ecology of mast seeding in trees. Bi- ological Journal of the Linnean Society 14. 235-50. Smith, N. J. H. 1981. Colonizations lesson from a tropical forest. Science 214. 755- 61. The Global 2000 Report to the President. Entering the Twenty-First Century. The Council of Environmental Quality and the Department of State. Wash- ington D.C. Penguin útgáfa 1982. 766 bls. Whitmore, T. C. 1980. The conservation of tropical rain forest. Bls. 303-18 í: Conservation Biology. An Evolution- ary-Ecological Perspective (ritstj. M. E. Soulé & B. A. Wilcox). Sinauer Ass., Inc, Sunderland, Mass. Whitmore, T. C. 1984. Tropical Rain For- ests of the Far East. 2. útgáfa. Clar- endon Press, Oxford. 352 bls. Whittaker, R. H. 1975. Communities and Ecosystems. 2. útgáfa. Macmillan Publ. Co., lnc, New York. 385 bls. Wilcove, D. S. & R. M. May 1986. Na- tional park boundaries and ecological realities. Nature 324. 206-7. Woodwell, G. M., R. M. Whittaker, W. A. Reiniers, G. E. Likens, C. C. Del- wiche, & D. B. Botkin 1978. The biota and the world carbon budget. Science 199. 141-44. Woodwell, G. M., J. L. Hobbie, R. A. Houghton, J. M. Melillo, B. Moore, B. J. Peterson, & G. R. Shaver 1983. Global deforestation: Contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Science 222. 1081-86. World Conservation Strategy. Living Re- source Conservation for Sustainable Development. Um útgáfuna sáu Inter- national Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), United Nations Environment Pro- gramme (UNEP) og World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ásamt FAO og UNES- CO, 1980. SUMMARY Tropical rain forests by Thora Ellen Thorhallsdottir Institute of Biology University of Iceland Grensásvegur 12 IS-108 REYKJAVÍK Iceland Tropical rain forests, which form a global girth at the equator, are the earth's most complex and species-rich biome. The dis- tribution and history of these forests are briefly outlined and their structure and di- versity illustrated with examples, mainly from the Far East. Aspects of their ecol- ogy are discussed, along with a short de- scription of tropical soils. The rapid clear- ing of tropical rain forests is described, the present and predicted rates of destruction and finally, the manifold consequences of their disappearance. 37
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