Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.1998, Blaðsíða 151

Archaeologia Islandica - 01.01.1998, Blaðsíða 151
Reviews some of the more venerable Icelandic scholars as well as some of the more promising of the younger generation, in both humanities and natural sci- ences, lending their voices to asserting a well known and accepted picture of the landnám. There is, as a result, very little original thought in this volume, and next to nothing which had not appeared elsewhere by the same authors. That said, many of the articles are very useful summaries, sometimes of a lifetime's worth of work on important aspects of landnám studies. Ólafur Halldórsson’s opening article on linguistic and cultural evidence for the landnám is a very clear and useful synthesis of well known evidence as is Jakob Benediktsson’s short and suc- cinct summary of his widely published work on the Book of Icelanders and Book of Settlements as sources for the landnám. This is followed by an over- view of archaeological evidence for the landnám by Guðmundur Ólafsson who is the only one of the authors to raise the issue of Margrét Hermanns-Auð- ardóttir’s work. Guðmundur’s article is firmly in a long tradition of sum- maries on landnám archaeology started by Kristján Eldjárn, and is a useful up- date on Þór Magnússon’s contribution from 1987 ('Vitnisburður fornminja.’ Islensk þjóðmenning I: 47-59)- In her article the editor, Guðrún Ása Gríms- dóttir, covers similar ground as Jakob Benediktsson regarding the Book of Settlements but goes further and sug- gests that there is evidence indicating that the Northwestern part of the country (Vestfirðir) was settled later than the eastern part (Austfirðir) and moreover that the tales regarding the landnám of Vestfirðir show signs of being influenced more by political and economic conditions in the 13th cen- tury than unbiased local traditions. Her argument is convincing and ap- peals as a sensible version of Svein- björn Rafnsson’s more uncompromis- ing ideas on the conspiratory nature of the Book of Settlements (Studier i Landnámabók, Lund 1974). Historian Gunnar Karlsson deals in his article with attitudes to the landnám and re- curring image problems of the Ice- landers in relation to their origins. Unlike Sveinbjörn Rafnsson, Gunnar Karlsson sees the Book of Settlements primarily as an effort to create a positive image for the politically developing Icelanders and he goes on to discuss the ideas behind and interest in the existence of Irish monks in Iceland prior to the landnám pur- sued diligently by a number of non- academic scholars in Iceland in this century and the last. These two articles are the only ones from the humanities contribution in the volume where original ideas are presented but neither is based on extensive research and both deal with ideas and late-medieval sources for the landnám rather than the landnám itself. One of the reasons behind the resili- ence of ideas of an Irish element in the landnám is the fact that Icelanders are much closer to the Irish and the Scots than Norwegians in the ABO system 151
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