Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 28

Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 28
Skiptinemi What was the biggest culture shock? Okay so in terms of actual culture shock, I didn’t really have one, because during the first couple of weeks of my exchange I was only hanging out with other international students, not many Icelanders. What I did notice however is that the actual Icelanders tend to stick to themselves, and prefer not to get associated too much with foreign students, but I think that is totally okay/reasonable, as most foreigners in Iceland are just temporary tourists. What were you studying in Iceland and what classes were you taking? Were the school system and the teachers very different from how you are used to? I studied Political Theory (amazing), Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems, Sustainable Energy Options, and Energy and Landscape. This was all part of my minor for the bachelor of Spatial Planning & Design at the RUG. I would say there is not a huge difference between the school systems. The format is the same, you have lectures a few times a week, and at the end you get an exam (typically). The only major difference I found is that there are a lot more smaller assignments before the exam that contribute to your grade, and there are quite a few excursions with your class. I thought this was rather positive and it did motivate me to be more productive and engage with my class! This is something my university can learn from. On the other hand, the assignments and exams were very easy compared to my home country. What were the people like and the culture Okay, so this is rather similar to the first question. But I will add that Icelandic people that are involved with international students on a more regular basis are nice people just like any other international student (on surface level atleast). What did you miss the most? I miss the people the most, and the community-like feeling I had in Gamli-garøur (or something) and just the whole campus, it was really nice. Furthermore, I miss my two best Icelandic friends the most (Kevin and Ethan). Lastly I miss hitting it off with so many pretty girls not going to lie. Not to sound arrogant but I’m pretty sure I was the most wanted guy on campus so it was pretty fun. Do you think of the Netherlands differently after your stay here? Definitely, it’s made me realize I can start a new life anywhere in the world and be successful. Which is sort of stressful but also useful to know. It was the strangest when I just returned to the Netherlands, I really had to get settled in. But now it feels like my home again, even though I don’t think I will live here for the rest of my life. I’m also going on exchange to Wales next year, so I was definitely inspired. Jolevi Van Delft Hollendingur á Íslandi 26
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