Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 46

Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 46
Maria frá Hondúras: I know nothing about politics in my country, other than it being really corrupted. With that being said, I feel like I can’t, the reason for it is because it is so corrupt. Like unless you have a plan/proposal that benefits the other people involved in politics then no one will actually pay attention to you 19 ára frá Serbíu I don´t feel like I can affect it, because politicians here are super corrupt. Like, everyone knows that politicians steal votes, lie and control the media so they get votes from old people who watch TV and I feel like you can't change that as a normal person. Carlotta frá Þýskalandi I do feel like I can influence politics, not just through voting, but also by being active in parties and other organizations. I do have to say that sometimes it feels like the parties that make it into the cabinet are “set in stone” because they barely change, but lately, I have been noticing that the topics I find important come on the government agenda. Léna frá Frakklandi Yes, and no. Yes, because I am in a movement in which we can do propositions and we are listened to. However, it is hard sometimes to understand certain decisions politicians make and so I think we should go even further. Noora frá Finnlandi I think that people my age would have a great chance to influence politics, if only we were interested in it. There´s definitely a need for younger people in politics here in Finland, but I can tell that there´s some positive change happening due to our pretty young prime minister. I feel like young adults are much more interested in politics now after the coronavirus and while we have had the war in Ukraine. I would say that the problem is that schools do not offer democratic education. As a result, young people do not participate in politics or are interested in it. For example, young people vote really badly in elections, which worries me. I feel like I´m super lucky that I can affect what´s happening in my country by voting in elections. Megan frá Bandaríkjunum I would say that personally, I do not think I can change the politics in my country. Small changes can be made with hard work, but making changes to the systems that are deeply engrained in American society is incredibly difficult and takes a lifetime of effort. Politics are also greatly impacted by the media and how they portray politicians and their ideas. Unless you have control of the media and certain aspects of the government or have a significant pull on a large collection of the population, change is rare and often small, especially as an individual. Finnst þér þú hafa áhrif á stjórnmál Við gáfum okkur á tal við fólk frá hinum ýmsu löndum og spurðum það hvort þeim fyndist þau geta haft áhrif á stjórmál í sínu landi. Do you feel like you can affect the politics in your native country, and why? 44
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