Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 47

Póllinn - maí 2023, Blaðsíða 47
Yngva frá Færeyjum I do feel like I can affect the politics in my country, in multiple ways in fact. The Faroe Islands is a small community and because of that everybody knows each other so people often know the politicians or are related to them, so it's easy to get “access” to the political system. The Faroe Islands is a very equal country with status and also economically, and everybody knows each other, so people often know politicians or are related to them. Because it is such a small community people see their politicians at the shopping centers or birthday parties and can tell them about subjects that are bothering them. It´s also easy to affect society debate because one can easily contact the radio station and be a part of a radio report. With that, it also reaches the politicians and they have to make up their minds about it and sometimes the pressure makes the politicians take action. Winifred frá Úganda To some extent yes! I have all it takes to serve as any political leader. I have had the privilege to empower women and girls to take up leadership roles, to challenge themselves and contribute to the growth of their communities and country in general. In regards to women taking up political spaces, I see no problem with it, it shouldn’t be a privilege seeing women in power! However, if you do not belong to a certain or prominent political party, or apply force and violence, you will not compete well in a certain political position. Corruption and inequality makes it difficult for women especially to compete in politics. If there was anything I could change about my country’s politics, it would be the existing systems of governance. Discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and social class heavily impacts participation in politics in my country which violates fundamental human rights like freedom of speech and participation. Dimitris frá Grikklandi Every vote counts and obviously you should be voicing your own opinion for what is right for you however there are only 2 political parties that are going back and forth governing and so since one of them has 36% and the other 30% you can see how it doesn't really matter what anybody else has to say. I still feel like the government listens. Lucia frá Slóvakíu I think people in Slovakia do have the chance to affect politics as we are a rather small country and events organized by civilians to address certain political topics do resonate in our society when planned carefully or on the other hand, executed terribly. In 2018 there was a set of protests because an investigative journalist was murdered along with his fiancé who did his research on the people (and politicians) who investigated mafia activities in Slovakia. The protests organized by people (mostly civilians who were enraged by this atrocity) were attended by ten thousands of people, me and my mom came too to support the change of the corrupt government. It brought many positive changes (the corrupt politicians had to leave due to the public pressure) and also challenges (it took some time) but I think this event is proof that we do have the potential to affect the politics in our country if we have got one and same goal. Natalia frá Mexíkó Yes, we can, but because of corruption, there is only so much we can do. I think I can affect the politics in Mexico by inviting my friends to vote or to get people involved in what the different parties are promoting. 45
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