Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.03.1969, Blaðsíða 29

Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.03.1969, Blaðsíða 29
ELDI SLÁTURKÁLFA 27 S U M M A R Y CALF-REARING ON A MIXTURE OF WILOLE MILK POWDER AND SKIMMED MILK POWDER Ólafur Jónsson Akureyri, Iceland Three calf-rearing trials were performed at the Cattle Breeding Centre at Lund- ur near Akureyri in the years 1964 to 1966. The aim of the trials in 1964 and 1965 was to find out if ancl how profitable it could be to rear calves up to 100 days of age entirely on a mixture of whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder in which tlie latter would be the rnajor constituent. The mixture used in 1964 consisted of two parts per weight of skimmed rnilk powder and one part of whole milk powder, while in 1965 the proportions were three parts and one part respectively. For each trial 12 bull calves of the Iceland breed were used. These were the sons of two sires. The health and live-weight gain of the calves was good and their carcass weight satisfactory. The production of veal in these trials seerned profitable when compared with the price obtainable for dried whole milk and dried skimmed milk at that time. l’he trial in 1966 was also made with 12 calves, and this time calves were divided at random in two groups, A and B. Group A was treated in the same way as the calves had been in the 1965 trial, whereas Group B obtained a mixture of whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder in which the whole rnilk powder content was only 11 per cent. The health of the calves in Group A was satisfactory, whereas all calves except one in Group B died during the trial. From this it can be concluded that feeding calves on a mix- ture of whole milk powcler and skimmed milk powder can be performed sucess- fully, if 25 per cent of the mixture is whole milk powder. Whether the propor- tion of this ingredient can be somewhat less is not established from these trials, except that 11 per cent is too little. No decisive difference was found in the calves according to sires used. The difference in age of the calves was so small that it seems to have had no notice- able influence on carcass weight at the time of slaughter. There was a marked correlation between live-weight and heart-girth on one hand and carcass weight on the other hand. Finally the food intake of the calves does not only seem to have hacl influence on tlie carcass weight, but also on the feed utilization for veal production.
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