Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.03.1969, Blaðsíða 82

Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir - 01.03.1969, Blaðsíða 82
80 ÍSI.ENZKAR LANDBÚNAÐARRANNSÓKNIR S U M M A R Y GROWTH CONDITIONS FOR GRASSES AT EDGE OF A SNOWDRIFT Bjarni E. Guðleijsson and Sturla Friðriksson Agricultural Research Institute, Reykjavik, Iceland. Winter injury of grass is common in Icelandic hayfields and seriously affects yield of hay. A persistent cover of snow and ice after a period of thaw during late winter seems to be a necessary prerecjuisite for such damage. During the winter 1966—67 snow fell heavily in north-eastern Iceland and snowdrifts lasted late into the spring. One particular snowdrift remained for some time in the hayfield on the farm Skörð in Reykjahverfi, South-Thingeyjarsýsla, providing conditions for microclimatic studies. The drift and ice in the soil were measured and rate of melting compared with soil tenrperatures at 5 cm depth and other climatic measurements in air. Respectively, the growth of grass was investigated as the melting proceeded. Winter injury was not noticed in sward where snow had remained until spring frosts were over. Injury was, how- ever, noticed 12—18 m away from the drift where ice sheet was present in the ground and where melting of the drift had taken place while air temperatures still fell below 0° at nights. The snow cover delayed somewhat the onset ot' growtli. This was reflected by a difference in yield and length of leaves and protein content of grass which was uncovered fronr the snow at various times. It is pointecl out that this delaying effect of the onset of growth by snowdrifts to some extent provides a more varied grassland with a prolongation of the period when grasses are of high nutritive value. Snowdrifts that remain long into the summer on mountain ranges can thus positively affect the late grazing value of the pasture. HEIMILDARRIT: Veðráttan 1967. Veðurstofa Islands, Reykjavík.
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Íslenskar landbúnaðarrannsóknir

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