Helga Law Journal - 01.01.2021, Blaðsíða 125

Helga Law Journal - 01.01.2021, Blaðsíða 125
Helga Law Journal Vol. 1, 2021 130 131 If Icelandic students are not satisfied with certain things or situations, they will stand up and protest. The students of Reykjavík Junior College protested their poor financial contribution in 2013,88 the students and teachers of two junior colleges protested a proposed unification of the two schools89 and students of UI protested the proposed and controversial constructions of students housing on a square by the UI.90 To guarantee students participation in decision making, students receive two representatives in the University’s Council if number of students are over 5000 but if the number is under 5000, they’ll get one representative.91 The students have their own Students Council, SHÍ, which is a way for them to influence the University itself, improve the community and to ensure the students’ rights. All students of UI can vote and run for the Council. In the UI there are two active student body organizations, Röskva and Vaka. Their role is mainly to be a force that fights for students right. Since the University isn't restricting the right to protest, the students themselves are constantly finding ways to criticize the existing system and protest to any wrongdoings or discriminations that take place within the walls of UI. The main focus for the past years has relied mainly in various campaigns regarding specific issues92 and in establishing associations that fight for a better school and society.93 88 Stefán Árni Pálsson, ‘Á fimmta hundrað nemenda mótmæla fyrir utan menntamálaráðuneytið’ (Vísir, 25 November 2013) http://www.visir.is/g/2013131129456 accessed 22 June 2018. 89 Erla Björg Gunnarsdóttir, ‘Tæplega 800 mótmæla sameiningu FÁ við Tækniskóla: “Hrædd um að týnast í kerfinu”’ (Vísir, 12 May 2017) http://www.visir.is/g/2017170519498 accessed 22 June 2018. 90 Stefán Óli Jónsson, ‘”Með ólíkindum að stúdentar þurfi að standa í slag við háskólann”’ (Vísir, 2 November 2017) http://www.visir.is/g/2017171109802 accessed 22 June 2018. 91 Article 6 para 2 and 3 of the Public University Act no. 85/2008 (ICE). 92 For example the Equality Committee of UI protested the lack of accessibility for people that have to rely on wheelchairs by making a video series on social media where 93 For example the Feminist Association of UI and Q, the association for queer students of UI. abolished. There were both regular protests and many people who used the hash tag #höfumhátt on social media. The effect was so immense that it ended with the government to resign. This is an example of where traditional protest and social movements work together to put pressure on the people in charge. Even though digital social movements can be powerful weapons for people to secure their rights towards executive powers, there is also the challenge of protecting the right to privacy of individuals, which those movements can be directed towards. The right to protest can very well be exercised through digital mediums and is a good tool for individuals, as it is possible to share information faster and the state does not have the sources to stop these movements as it brings forward the danger of limiting freedom of expression too much. But regard must be taken to the right of all individuals and make sure that their right to privacy is also protected. 8 What role and responsibilities do academic institutions in your country have regarding promoting freedom of speech and the right to protest within and outside their campuses? There are seven universities in Iceland, of which three are private and four are public. The role of a university is to promote creation and communication of knowledge and skills to the students and to society as a whole.83 The role of junior colleges in Iceland is to promote full development of all students and guarantee their participation in a democratic society84 and the same applies for grade schools. Their role is to prepare the students for taking part in building up a society that’s constantly evolving.85 These objectives are also to be found in the curriculum that the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture publishes but their legal status is equivalent to a regulation. In that sense, and in the context of the question, the right of freedom of speech and protesting is something that has a clear connection to the school system in Iceland, even though there is nothing in the legislation that addresses the freedom to protest in a direct way.86 The discussion in Icelandic society, regarding freedom of speech and protests, is quite different from what can be seen in the United States, Australia and Europe. No anti-protest laws have been passed nor discussed in Iceland and the whole ‘safe space idea’ hasn’t quite reached to our academic institutions. In Iceland you’re free to protest, just as long you’re not interrupting public order or jeopardizing national security.87 83 Article 2 para 1 of the University Act no. 63/2006 (ICE). 84 Article 2 para 1 of the Junior Collage Act no. 92/2008 (ICE). 85 Article 2 para 1 of the Grade School Act no. 91/2008 (ICE). 86 In addition the University of Iceland is governed by regulation no. 569/2009 for the University. 87 Restriction to the right to protest is the subject of Question 5. International Legal Research Group
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