Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.06.1968, Blaðsíða 57

Náttúrufræðingurinn - 01.06.1968, Blaðsíða 57
NÁTTÚRUFRÆÐINGURINN 169 the river courses of Krossá and Markarfljót down to the sea, a distance of 35 km. Only this last phase of the Steinsholt hlaup was observed by people while it was still going on, and only in two places at that. The time of the beginning of the hlaup was determined by an earth tremor registered on the seismograph at Kirkjubæjarklaustur 75 km east of Steinsholt. According to information given by Ragnar Stefánsson, seismologist of the Geophysical Section of the Meteorological Office in Reykjavik, the tremor consisted of microseismic surface waves of a rare character. It began at 13 h. 47 min. 55 sec. and lasted for 2 minutes. The time of the tremor is in such a good agreement with the timing by eyewitnesses of the advancing flood in the Markarfljót (see Table 1) that it is concluded that the tremor was synchrono- us with, and was started by, the rockslide in Steinsholt. Along the first section of its course, Innstihaus — Þórólfsfell, the hlaup advanced with a velocity averaging at 8.8 m/sec, and along the second section, Þórólfsfell — Markarfljótsbrú, at 2.8 m/sec. At Markarfljótsbrú a section of the hlaup track was investigated and measured by S. Rist, hydrologist of the State Electric Authority. Applying the Manning formula, he found that the maximum discharge of the hlaup had been 2100 m3/sec. and estimated the total volume of the hlaup water to have been 1.5xl0°-2.5xl0° ms (the water of the Markarfljót, in great flood, having been subtracted). Most of this water was certainly derived from Steinholtslón. This lake has an area of 2xl05 m2, and it was probably deep enough (8—13 m on an average) to account for the volume of the hlaup water. However, another source of water may be taken into consideration. Actually, 1.5X107 m3 of rock with a density of 2.7 and falling 150 m will generate sufficient heat to melt 175.000 m3 of water from ice. In the very special case of the Steinsholt rockslide, which, falling onto a glacier, crushed and pushed forward an enormous volume of ice, it may be assumed that a considerable proportion of the released energy, possibly about 1/10, was consumed by the melting of ice. Further, the side of the valley that had been overrun by the air-launched hlaup had everywhere a pattern produced by water flowing downhill. As this was also the case above the Steinsholtslón lake, the hlaup must have contained a considerable quantity of water before getting there. This water was probably released from the glacier by the energy of the rockslide. But as this source of water is quite insufficient and, in addition, not needed to account for the volume of water in the flood at Markarfljótsbrú, we must conclude that Steinsholtslón lake was the only substantial source of water for that flood.
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